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Our Objective

Who We Are

The Society for the Interpretation of the Talmud was inaugurated in 1992 after much deliberation, many years of research, and several initial trials. Questions abounded. Would we be able to meet the considerable challenge of producing a new commentary to the Babylonian Talmud? Were we worthy of undertaking this assignment? Slowly, step by step, we began to build an infrastructure of research tools. We were fortunate to find initial support, we were joined by a team of scholar-authors, and the work began amidst many discussions, evaluating each phase as we progressed. Who are our intended readers, and what are their needs? Where will the necessary working partners and the requisite resources be found? These questions and others, along with myriad preparations, demanded a good deal of our attention.

We have been fortunate enough to find solutions to these problems. To date, three regular volumes of the series have appeared, as well as an additional volume showcasing five sugyot [topical units]. Ten more volumes are in various stages of preparation and are scheduled to appear in the next several years.

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